“Unhealthy”, “hyper touchy”: these Belgian artists approached to talk about the vaccine… and who all refused!

Belgian artists have been approached by the government to defend the benefits of vaccination. All refused (or almost), here is why.

If, in France, many personalities are committed to promoting vaccination or not (whether for like Line Renaud, Julie Gayet, Gérard Jugnot, Nagui, etc., or against, like Brigitte Bardot, Annie Duperey, Juliette Binoche, Jean-Marie Bigard or Francis Lalanne), this is not the case in Belgium. The Belgian government has however approached several big names of the Web, television, the song or the French-speaking cinema but… all refused. Or almost. Last May, the government agency for a quality life (AVIQ) succeeded in notably convincing Helmutt Lotti, JMercier Acques, Codes, Jean-Paul Andret, Kid Noize or Michel lecomte to make a video in this direction and with the objective of reliving normally. As for Vinz Kanté, host on Tarmac (RTBF) and influencer, he gives lectures in schools with infectious disease specialist Emmanuel André. “I suggested to influencers or Tiktokers to follow me and most of the refusals come from the fact that it is a divisive subject “, confides to us the one who remembers having learned in biology class that the vaccine reduced the risks of developing serious forms of a disease. “These people have a lot of subscribers and those who are against the vaccine make a lot of noise. There is the fear of unsubscribing, of bad buzz, of being blamed, of being part of a conspiracy, etc. This is often what happens. “


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