News United Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Newark due...

United Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Newark due to engine problem


According to United Airlines, a flight to Los Angeles had to return to Newark Liberty International Airport due to an engine problem on Wednesday evening to make an emergency landing.

“United 1871 from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles returned to Newark due to a mechanical problem. The flight landed safely and passengers were dropped off normally,” spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs said. “We are working on an aircraft change to get our customers to their destination as quickly as possible.”

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The plane had just taken off from Newark Liberty International Airport when the right wing ignited and an engine failed, United Passenger Nicole Adamo posted on Twitter,

“The most terrible experience of my life. … The flight starts, the right wing of the plane (on which I am sitting in the aisle) sparkles and now an engine has failed,” she tweeted. “You make announcements, but I can’t hear anything because people are screaming.”

Fire engines were dispatched to hit the plane when it landed at Newark Airport.

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World News :

United Airlines flight 1871 was scheduled to depart Newark at 7:00 p.m. EST However, according to a later post by Adamo, passengers had to wait until almost 2 a.m. for a new plane to take them to Los Angeles.

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