United Kingdom: Noel Gallagher refused “100 million” to reform Oasis

According to Liam Gallagher, his brother said “no” to a huge amount of money to go on tour.

The more the years go by, the more improbable it seems to see Oasis reform one day. The group, led by enemy brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, split with a bang in 2009. Since then, fans of this flagship group of the britpop movement have never given up hope of seeing their combo return. And this despite the fact that the two brothers are still at open war through social networks interposed. As Liam said, they were even offered a colossal sum to get back on stage together and go on tour. What Noel categorically refused.

“I know for sure that there is nothing more to look forward to. When someone offers you 100 million pounds (note: 121 million francs) to give a few concerts, you tell yourself you’re going to do it. I’m not completely stupid, it’s still a lot of money knocking on your door. And he was not of that opinion. He only thinks of being knighted, ”said Liam in“ The Jonathan Ross Show ”on ITV, comments relayed by the «Daily Mail». And to say that the host could even go and ask for confirmation from Noel. Liam added again, to sum up the situation between him and his brother, “I think we’re both the problem. And the problem is, Noel thinks he’s not the problem. He thinks that I am only the problem ”. In short, the reformation of Oasis is not about to happen.

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