United States: Biden will announce part of his future government on Tuesday

Joe Biden is speeding up his agenda. The new US president will announce the names of the first members of his future government on Tuesday, Ron Klain, close adviser to the US president-elect, said on Sunday.

“You will see the first appointments of the government of the president-elect Tuesday of this week”, asserted the future chief of staff of Joe Biden on the channel ABC, without wanting to specify the portfolios concerned or some of the names.

“We will have to wait for the elected president to do it himself on Tuesday,” he said. Ron Klain, a veteran 59-year-old Democrat, had been the former vice president’s first chief of staff, starting in 2009.

The promise of a diverse and feminized government

Joe Biden has already named several close advisers who will surround him in the White House, but suspense persists for his government.

Lael Brainard, a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, is considered the main candidate for the leadership of the Treasury Department, according to CNN. If selected, she would become the first female Treasury secretary, a move that would help Biden begin to deliver on his promise to appoint a diverse cabinet.

Also according to the American channel, Carlos Elizondo should be appointed social secretary of the White House on Friday. Elizondo worked in the Obama administration as social secretary to then-Vice President Biden and Second Lady Jill Biden. Earlier in the week, Anthony Bernal was named senior adviser to Jill Biden and Julissa Reynosa Pantaleon was named chief of staff.

Illinois Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth plans to lead the Department of Defense, officials said, a move that would be historic. A decorated veteran, she would also be the first woman to serve as Secretary of Defense. Michèle Flournoy, who has held key defense positions in the Clinton and Obama administrations, is also one of the main candidates for the post.

Donald Trump’s “harmful” attitude

Joe Biden, who wants a “government that represents America”, continues to install his transition team, in an accelerated version. “There is a desire to convey that we rule, operate,” said a close transition official to CNN, explaining the urgency Biden’s team face following the antics of Trump still refusing to recognize his defeat in the ballot of November 3.

Donald Trump and his lawyers are continuing their multiple legal actions, denouncing massive electoral fraud without having provided concrete proof for the moment. Nationally, Joe Biden won nearly 80 million votes in the ballot, against just under 74 million for the Republican billionaire. But the presidency is played out through a system of electors allocated in each state. One by one, the key states that have tipped over to the Democrats’ side must certify their results. The billionaire on Sunday called on the Republican Party to “fight” not to let the Democrats “destroy the evidence” of this alleged fraud.

This attitude is “harmful”, denounced Ron Klain, “but that will not change the result of what will happen on January 20 at noon, Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States“.

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