United States: Minnesota

The State of 10,000 lakes

Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the natural world

State of the Upper Midwest located on the border with Canada, Minnesota remains today still very rural with an economy based largely on agriculture. However, the “North Star State“arouses more and more the interest of tourists thanks to its large natural spaces, its reserves, its forests and its 11,842 lakes … which explain its nickname, which can be found in the registration places, the State of the 10,000 lakes.

Taking its name from the language of the Sioux Dakota (meaning sky-colored water), Minnesota also has deep Native American historical roots, but also offers many modern amenities such as Minneapolis or the Mall of America.

Unmissable Minnesota

If the state capital is Saint-Paul, Minneapolis remains the main city and attraction in Minnesota. The two cities are also neighboring since they are separated only by the Mississippi and are called the Twins (the twins) for this reason. Their proximity does not prevent a rivalry for two hundred years, one taking the lead over the other in turn. But each offers a different face that justifies their respective visit.

St. Anthony's Falls in Minneapolis

It must be said that the metropolis is like its State, offering a tasty mix of nature, modernity and culture with lakes at the foot of skyscrapers. A striking contrast that is found through the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, an 80 km route to be done on foot, by bike or by motorbike to discover all the riches around: waterfalls, parks and historical sites.

Minnesota is also a land of music as it gave birth to two of the most famous artists of the 20th century: Bob Dylan, born in Duluth and Prince in Minneapolis.

Also in this region of the state, don’t forget to stop by the Mall of America, the largest shopping center in the United States with its 500 stores, 14 cinemas and its integrated amusement park. If you plan to go shopping, this is the place to go, especially since clothes are not taxed there and there are also permanent promotions.

Inside the Mall of America

Beyond this densely populated area, the rest of the state shines above all with its wide open spaces and natural reserves. With its thousands of lakes, nature lovers are spoiled for choice between fishing, cruising, beaches and activities such as paddle boarding or canoeing.

You can also discover the history of iron mines at Sudan Mine or go to Little Falls to discover the home of Charles Lingbergh, the first aviator to link New York to Paris.

The culture of Minnesota

In winter, the Carnival of Saint Paul illuminates the landscape covered with its white coat by its parades and competitions on ice. The city changes face in August for its traditional fair which attracts a million visitors.

It was also during this period that the largest gathering of Ojibwa Indians was organized near the Thousand Lakes.

Finally, all year round, you shouldn’t miss a visit to a stadium to watch a US baseball, basketball or football game. But here, the national sport is hockey and we support the Minnesota Wild.

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