Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch broken on new models

What is good with Apple is that the manufacturer has perfect control over its hardware and software ecosystem: all products and all software work perfectly well hand in hand… Well, except when this is not the case. Many happy iPhone 13 owners have observed a strange incompatibility between the new smartphone and their Apple Watch.

Activation of the unlocking option with the watch, in the settings Face ID and code, indeed results in an error for many users:

Restarting the two devices does not change anything, as does unpairing and then pairing the Apple Watch again. It only remains to wait for an official solution from Apple, which will undoubtedly come in the form of an iOS update (iOS 15.0.1?). It’s a shame, because this feature of unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch is very practical when wearing a mask.

The bugs are piling up for this launch of the iPhone 13, since we had problems with widgets and Apple Music following the restoration of a backup. Fortunately, Apple has delivered an update to iOS 15 specifically dedicated to this problem.

Bugs with the restoration of

Bugs with restoring a backup to new iPhone and iPad


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