UNMSM: students win final of Huawei world competition

The students of the Systems Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering career of the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) were one of the winners of the world competition in the cloud track category of the Huawei ICT 2019-2020. The students are Marco Campos Del Aguila, Daniel Ponce Almerí Y Sebastián Tuesta Gonzáles.

The young people were under the mentorship of teacher Jorge Guerra and competed with 92 other teams worldwide. In total, an average of 150,000 students from various universities they were registered in the virtual contest.

The winning Peruvians not only triumphed in this competition, but, by being creditors a few weeks ago of the second place of the Huawei ICT 2019-2020 Latin America Track Cloud, will become the representatives of Latin America together with teams from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia.

Huawei competition.

The fifth edition of the competition organized by the Chinese multinational also had the presence of Luigi Fonseca Dueñas, Franz Lozano Torres and Eleazar Berrios Béjar from San Marcos, who had an outstanding participation when reaching the world final of the network track category.

This event was developed from November 6 to 14 in a virtual way due to the pandemic. Huawei develops this competition that promotes the development of ICT skills, vital for the creation of a digital society. In general, the topics developed during the contest were related to the artificial intelligence, the big data, the cloud computing and storage, among others.


The aforementioned contest Huawei It has been held successfully four times since its launch in China in 2015 and attracts more than 350,000 students from more than 2,000 universities in 70 countries.


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