UNNE: the Faculty of Medicine assists the community through volunteering

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“In volunteering we have two phases: the first was the course of communication at risk for the boys who began to go voluntarily to the Call Center of the Ministry of Public Health of Corrientes and, later, from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province, With the Faculties of Medicine, Exact and Veterinary Medicine, the Covid-19 Volunteer is created, with priority careers in the face of the pandemic, ”commented the Secretary of Extension of the academic unit, doctor Diana Cabral.

Continuing with the above, he provided details on how the initiative coordinated by the Government of Corrientes is developed. “What we did in the framework of this new volunteering was a first phase of training; We had two cohorts because they were so many boys. We finished the last trainings recently, with specific knowledge about what the boys are going to start doing, ”he explained.

In addition, he added that the previous week “we began the tours of the Campaign Hospital and to know the new Call Center that will be in charge of the volunteers who go on behalf of the faculties”, adding that “we have coordinators there they are teachers of the Faculty and personnel of the Ministry of Health ”.

This call center will be specific to the pandemic and there, the students who have been trained, “are going to be attending, loading into the system, doing teleconsultations and various activities,” said the Secretary of Extension.

“Other students within the volunteer will also fulfill other functions that, in some cases, they are already developing: Nursing works on immunizations in the neighborhoods; Exactas does it with respirators and chemistry and Medicine and Kinesiology issues are focused on everything that is monitoring patients with the Call Center and teleconsultations, “he explained.

He also referred to the Infographic and video Contest on the topics: Dengue and COVID-19, carried out with students from the three races, whose awards were presented on Friday, May 22, in this regard the academic official said: “We had the communication course , which was from Extension, in which the boys who went to the Call Center were trained and within that framework last week we delivered the prizes of a prevention contest in the networks, with the Dean (Omar Larroza) and the entire team of the Extension Secretariat. The boys presented works in infographic and video, with the themes about Dengue, Covid-19 and immunizations ”.

In this context, he detailed the process to select the winners. “An evaluation committee was made in conjunction with different areas to evaluate these works in regards to pedagogy and design issues. Three works were selected and those were posted on the Faculty networks so that the public could choose the winners. This had the objective of developing communication activities and not losing the link with the community, since due to the pandemic we cannot go out to the field as much, but social networks and virtuality allow us to bring closer the topics that we have been working on with regard to health “He concluded.


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