Unpacked ‘Galaxy S22’… Price freeze expected


It is predicted that Samsung Electronics will maintain the price of the Galaxy S22, which will be unveiled on the 9th of next month (Eastern Time), at the same level as its predecessor.

According to the industry and foreign media on the 29th, it is predicted that Samsung Electronics will set the factory price of the Galaxy S22 series at a similar level to that of its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 series.

As for the Galaxy S21 series, which was released at the end of January last year, the basic model of the Galaxy S21 was 999,900 won. The Galaxy S21+ was priced at 1199,000 won, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra was priced at 1,452,000 won and 1,599,400 won by specification.

It is speculated that the European price of the Galaxy S22 will be 849 to 1449 euros (about 1.15 million to 1.95 million won) like its predecessor. In the case of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, there is also a talk that the RAM capacity of the base model will be 8GB, which is slightly reduced compared to the previous model (12GB).

Until the end of last year, speculation that Samsung Electronics would raise the price of the new Galaxy S22 series in 2022, with enhanced overall performance, prevailed until the end of last year due to factors such as the global semiconductor crisis, supply chain disruption, and inflation.

In the industry, Samsung Electronics maintained its No. 1 position in the global smartphone market last year, but growth has stagnated, and competitors Apple and Chinese companies are rapidly growing.

Samsung Electronics is planning to hold an online Unpacked event at 00:00 Korean time on February 10 and unveil the new Galaxy S series. Samsung Electronics predicted that this series will not only expand the limits of smart devices, but also set the standard for next-generation mobile experiences.

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