UNPSJB continues with medical and scientific research on the medicinal use of cannabis and its derivatives

The Secretariat of Science and Technology of the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, since 2018, has promoted various actions with the aim of generating the appropriate framework for the development of research at the UNPSJB linked to the production and potential therapeutic use of the cannabis, both at regional and national levels.

The actions count with the significant collaboration of the Md. Esp. Prof. José Manuel Corchuelo Blasco, director of the medicine career of the FCNyCS-UNPSJB and current advisor to the Minister of Health of the Nation, Dr. Ginés González García, to whom It has entrusted the participation in work tables and institutional linkage, which has resulted in close links with institutions and / or associations such as the Faculty of Exact Sciences-UNLP, ANLAP, ANMAT, CAMEDA, CAMECO, Secretariat of Access to Health of the Ministry of Health of the Nation and its National Program of Medicinal Uses of Cannabis, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation, among others. A notable achievement of this task has also been the fact that the UNPSJB is currently part of the Red Argentina de Cannabis Medicinal (RACME), coordinated by CONICET, in which government and private institutions, NGOs, scientists and researchers, etc. participate. in a framework of federal participation on the subject.

To this sustained work must be added other important actions carried out by researchers from the UNPSJB in the different locations: close links with research work, experience in analytical determinations or participation in local cannabis advisory councils, among others, that contribute in a relevant way to the current state of knowledge of the subject in our institution, in its most diverse aspects.

Although Law 27350 of March 2017 “Medical and scientific research on the medicinal use of the cannabis plant and its derivatives” was regulated in September of that year, only recently have favorable conditions been generated at the national and provincial level, essentially from the legal and regulatory aspects, as well as to be able to initiate actions tending to encourage research within the scope of our institution. In the same way as in other national universities such as UNLP, UNMDP or UBA, work continues to consolidate an institutional policy coordinated from the SECyT in order to develop a solid line of research to be able to study Cannabis within the strict legal framework and that will have an impact significant in the community because it is a subject of marked current interest in society, an issue that due to the lack of absolutely defined regulations has been very difficult until now.

As a result of the above, specifically in aspects not contemplated in line with the spirit and the letter of Law 27,350, recently the PEN through Decree 883/20 (11/11/2020) established a new Regulation, also under the title “Medical and Scientific Research on the Medicinal Use of the Cannabis Plant and its Derivatives”, and in article 3 of its Annex I, finally grants the legal framework to proceed with such investigations in the field of National Universities. Textually, the article establishes, in subsection f): “Promote research carried out by CONICET, other science and technical organizations, universities, civil society organizations, scientific societies, academic, national, provincial and municipal institutions, related to the ends

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