UNUSUAL: a fan merges the Switch with the DualSense

While waiting for the release of the PlayStation 5, which you can read our review, some smart kids had fun combining the DualSense with other consoles. This is the case of KASHAMA who posted on Tik Tok a video of the news DualSense, merged with the hybrid machine of Nintendo. Its publication was picked up and shared on Twitter via account Nintendo Switch News.

But how does it work? In said video, a futuristic controller made up of blue and red appears. Two touch screens overlap and you can also see the Switch logo in the middle, along with that of PlayStation just below. The videographer presses the first button and the pad is deployed on the sides, as if to go into “Switch mode” with the Joy-con, and it navigates through titles like Fortnite or Minecraft. Then he presses the button PlayStation and this time the controller returns to normal, in “DualSense mode” and Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales shows himself. Of course, this technological gem will not be marketed, but it nevertheless shows the boundless imagination that some aficionados can have.

You can buy Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales sure Amazon for € 59.99.

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