UNUSUAL: a PS5 with 20 kg of gold unveiled by Caviar

The PlayStation 5 is still out of stock in most parts of the world, some did not hesitate to pay large sums to have the console of Sony at Christmas, and others have decided to go into excessive extravagance. This is the case of Caviar, specialized in cases for smartphones and other ultra luxurious accessories.

PS5 Or Caviar Manette Crocodile

If you found that the £ 8,099 24k gold-plated PlayStation 5 Truly Exquisite was already overpriced, here is the PS5 Golden Rock of Caviar, a console with a shell of 20 kg of 18 carat gold, for an impressive relief coating. The manufacturer has no limits, he even affixed crocodile leather on the controller DualSense, as well as fragments of gold, not cool for reptiles all the same.

This PlayStation 5 Golden Rock will be unique, and Caviar does not reveal the price, website just lets get in touch with the store to ask for it, but it must be mind-blowing. Currently, 20 kg of 18 carat gold costs 765,200 €, the final price is undoubtedly exorbitant.

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