Upcoming Technology Bonus: Who Can Ask?

The Ministry of Economic Development kicked off the Family Voucher Plan which is part of the broadband strategy, for which they have been allocated 600 million euros. This is a plan approved in consultation with the School Plan and the Business Plan. In this case, the broadband project envisages a bonus of 200 or 500 euro for families with certain income requirements for connection, pc and tablet. So, actually technically the initiative grants a technology bonus.

The project and its purpose

The allocation of € 600 million has been made available from Cobul, which is the Ultra Broadband Committee. It operates within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. This investment is motivated by the importance that technology played during the period of the pandemic, given the weaknesses shown by connectivity in Italy. In particular, if in northern Italy and in the center the fiber goes from 95% to 33%, in Sardinia and Calabria it drops to 3% to reach 1% in Puglia. This situation, in these regions, makes telemedicine, distance learning, smart working impractical.

Bonus for technology

One of the national ultra-broadband strategies concerns households. A contribution is dedicated to them in order to purchase connectivity services. The second phase of the strategy provides for families with ISEE up to € 50,000, a bonus of € 200. They are intended to activate faster internet connections or to switch to connections that guarantee better performance. For families with an ISEE of less than 20,000 Euros, an additional bonus of 300 Euros is also provided. Low-income families with ISEE up to 20,000 will have priority. The same is granted to obtain a Tablet or a PC on loan for use. The measure, however, provides for the collaboration of operators, who are required to register on the Infratel online portal. It will take care of managing the interventions, given that the vouchers are expected to be issued starting next month.

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