Update Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, the Crypt of the Stone Raid opens tonight, the race for World First launched on video

L’extension Destiny 2: Beyond the Light has been available for ten days now, allowing part of the community to take a tour. This year, Bungie gave players time to prepare before challenging the Raid Crypt of the Stone which will open its doors this Saturday, November 21 at 7:00 p.m. sharp. And for the occasion, a trailer was released during the week, mainly featuring streameurs, leaving the mystery to hover over what really awaits us in this place teas long-standing.

Whether you are part of a squad of 6 Guardians or just a spectator, the next few hours promise to be interesting with the race at World First, title awarded to the first group that will reach the end of this challenge, without cheating. You will be able to follow the event in particular sure Twitch (in partnership with Red Bull for France from 6 p.m.). For the occasion, the mode Tournament will be activated again, blocking the Power participants at 20 levels below each clash in the first 24 hours, in addition to disabling the bonus granted by theArtifact seasonal for more fair play. All the rules are reminded here if necessary.

If you decide to try your luck, you will therefore need 1230 of Power (advised) to hope to succeed without suffering too much, to have more useless. If you follow this kind of event every time, the small subtlety this time will be that the names of the winners will not necessarily be given immediately, Bungie wishing to take enough distance to analyze the runs, and thus make sure that no recourse to a form of cheating taint the result. The press release should be released by Monday, November 23 at the latest if all goes well. In all cases, it is the return to orbit once the Raid completed which will mark the end of the competition.

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light Raid Crypt of Stone rewards 04 21 11 2020

And not to change, some rewards will be available, with to start a Emblem only available for completion within the first 24 hours (left) and another permanent (right). A jacket Raid can be purchased via the Bungie Rewards if you finish the Stone crypt before December 1 at 6:00 p.m., the code then valid until January 1 at 8:59 a.m. Weapons and armor only available through this activity can be looted. Finally, the usual belt of Raid (yes, it’s a title, but we’re stubborn!) will be awarded to the winning team during a ceremony.

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light Raid Crypt of Stone rewards 02 21 11 2020 Destiny 2 Beyond the Light Raid Crypt of Stone rewards 01 21 11 2020Destiny 2 Beyond the Light Raid Crypt of Stone banner 21 11 2020

Hope this time this new Raid is not completed in just a few hours and that the show lasts a bit like when it was released. Last Wish ! In any case, good luck to all participants!

Update : the Raid just fell by the team Luminous from Clawtivity, it remains to be seen whether this is the very first team and if everything is in order.

Completion of Raid also triggered the addition of the quest for the exotic sword Broken blade near Banshee to the Tour, available only to players who have completed theBeyond the light, in addition to new quests from Variks and theExo Unknown, as well as access to a new area.

Destiny: Beyond Light is sold 39,99 € sur Gamesplanet for PC.

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