update on stocks and our tips for not missing it

Sony’s console shortage has not ended. While waiting for production to return to normal, we suggest you keep up to date with the latest stock rumors and give you some tips to get the console efficiently.

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Since it was released on November 19, Sony’s next-generation console, the Playstation 5, is desired. In the first few weeks after its release, some 4 million consoles were sold, but after that stocks were increasingly scarce, if not nonexistent. Many rumors circulate about possible stocks at multiple resellers, and you have to know how to disentangle the true from the false in order to be able to keep the info in the middle of the infox. In this file, we help you take stock of the latest rumors of the most reliable stocks and the progress of the shortage of components that prevents the proper restocking of the console.

* This article will be updated following the arrival of new PS5 stocks and new information, so please come back and see us! *

What are the latest stock rumors?

The rumors that circulated in January on a possible return of stock, at Amazon in particular, have been proven. But Amazon France received very few consoles compared to its border countries, like Germany which would have received 10 times the stock from France. It’s been a few weeks now that the sites Amazon France, Germany and Spain put new stocks of PS5 for sale on their sites. So do not hesitate to browse these sites, delivery in France is available even for Amazon ES and DE. You can check the presence of the console on these pages:

Other retail sites have also recently offered PS5s, such as Cdiscount, Auchan, Carrefour, Cultura or even Fnac from which many people have been able to order, by click & collect or delivery. Boulanger also received stock and would distribute PS5s to “Privileged customers” that the brand contacts by phone, in particular. Finally, some speak of a second wave of stock that would arrive in February, in particular at Fnac but also at other resellers. Nothing has been confirmed by the brands, so keep an eye out and don’t hesitate to refresh these sites as often as possible. The PS5 can be found directly on these pages to check stocks:

Some tips to optimize your chances of getting a PS5

When the long-awaited PS5 makes its return to stores or online, it’s often difficult to get one on time, with stocks leaving after just a few minutes. We will therefore reveal to you a small series of tips that we have collected and which should help you optimize your chances of obtaining the console.

  • First, create alerts. Very often, when a product is out of stock on a site, it offers to alert you by email or by message when this product is back in stock. It’s the case of Fnac for example or Darty and Micromania, although you have little luck with the latter reseller.
  • Follow Twitter accounts, including the JDG account, they are often faster to alert you when stock is available. Some even tell you in advance what time it will go online. We advise you Station of Play. Other accounts exist but be careful to follow only the most serious. On the application side, ChocoBonPlan relays generally reliable and rapid information on console stocks.
  • Leave the PS5 in your shopping cart. This is one of the techniques that has been found by Internet users a bit at random. If you leave the desired item in your basket then all you have to do is pay for your order and you’re done. No need to search for the item and add it, then view the cart.
  • Pre-register your banking information or use simple payment methods such as Paypal. Indeed, it saves you precious time when you have to fight with hundreds of other internet users to finally get your hands on a PS5.
  • Finally, do not overload the sites a few hours before a sale. And the same goes for stores. Resellers could simply cancel the online sale for fear of too much traffic on the site, which would render it unusable. For physical stores, it could create a riot and the cancellation of the sale as well, as happened recently in Japan. So be patient, and wait for the right moment to buy your console!

Why is the PS5 nowhere to be found?

This important period of out of stock will last at least until the summer of 2021. In question? A shortage of certain components, from which console manufacturers suffer, in particular the shortage of the ABF substrate, an insulating film necessary for the manufacture of processors. The demand for this material has increased enormously since the democratization of teleworking all over the world, which has caused an increase in the purchase of computers and IT tools in general.

If the companies concerned have not yet been able to catch up, by adapting and increasing the rate of production, for example, it is becausea trade war between the various manufacturers of electronic components (chips, graphics cards, etc.) continues to rage and is not about to stop. For most of the missing components that Sony needs to manufacture its consoles, delivery times have been extended until the end of 2021.

This is in addition to the fact that the demand is much higher than the supply at the moment. This is not to say that the PS5 stocks will only be restocked at the end of the year, but rather that they will not be up to demand by then, with small amounts of stock being dispatched throughout. the world. This strong demand also triggered a surge in the prices of the components in question.

This is why AMD has also made the decision to supply customers other than Sony and Microsoft as a priority, in particular PC and graphics card manufacturers, because they are more profitable. An increase in the price of the container and deliveries in general has also been noticed and it is only getting worse every day. All these factors make the Playstation 5 rare, and very expensive. Sony had also announced to sell its consoles at a loss.

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