“upsetting”, “masterful”, reviews of the film with Anthony Hopkins

THE FATHER. Oscar winner for this role in 2021, Anthony Hopkins plays a man plagued by doubts about his reality. The criticism is naughty.

[Mis à jour le 26 mai 2021 à 9h17] Anthony Hopkins himself admits it to Figaro: The Father is “one of [ses] best films “. And it is not the French critics who will contradict the Oscar winner for the second time for this role. Released on May 26, 2021, a week after the reopening of cinemas in France, this closed door of the playwright Florian Zeller, who adapts his hit play “Le Père” on the big screen, conquered the French media. “Magistral” for the JDD, “poignant and heartbreaking” for Elle, “overwhelming” for the Parisian, the emotion promises to be there for the spectators.

The mastery of the direction of Florian Zeller, whose Father is the first film, arouses the admiration of the press: It is a “prodigy of the theater and, from now on, gifted of cinema”, for the Obs, when Le Figaro sees in the French playwright, Oscar winner for the screenplay of The Father, “a sensitive, fair, astute director.” Between emotion and real staging bias, the director of The Father hits the mark. “The author has been able to restore, in the theater as in the cinema, the labyrinth of the wanderings of reason or what remains of it with a narration which is similar to a fascinating dive into a decaying brain”, notes for his part Le Monde, when Première believes that “Zeller’s intelligence is to inject cerebrality into this ocean of emotions and thus prevent the tear gas from taking everything in its path.”

“Sovereign actors”

But it is unequivocally the performance of the actors, Anthony Hopkins in the lead, which has blown the critics: “The Father is served by actors with sovereign talent, underlines Le Figaro, Anthony Hopkins poor King Lear in pajamas, Olivia Colman upset by the inconsistencies of his father […] There is no risk of forgetting them. “And the magic operates between a gifted filmmaker and an actor whose talent no longer needs to be demonstrated:” From this collision between Zeller and Hopkins, two partners separated and reunited by the camera, is born a velvet emotion. […] Is this how cinema upsets us? A thousand times yes. ”In view of this torrent of praise, spectators can rush to discover The Father in theaters.

Synopsis – Anthony, 81, lives in his spacious and comfortable London apartment. He has dementia and has exhausted his last caregiver. He forgets everything, events of his past life and never finds his watch which he cares so much about and which he always puts in the same place. His daughter Anne comes to visit him and informs him that she has met someone. She has to move to Paris to be with him. The old man accuses the blow. The next day, he runs into Paul, who also seems to live in the apartment. He is the husband of his daughter Anne, who is no longer the same woman …

The Father – theatrical release May 26, 2021

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