News US airports close gates and airstrips as the trip...

US airports close gates and airstrips as the trip decreases due to the corona virus


Some of the country’s busiest airports closed halls, gates, and runways last month to cope with a significant decrease in travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Airport officials say reducing operations has become a cost-saving measure as airlines cut flights and federal officials urge Americans not to travel internationally.

There are currently no federal bans on domestic flights. However, many states have issued orders to stay at home or provide protection locally.

Photos of almost empty terminals and flight cabins have also been spread on social media.

One of the biggest shutdowns occurred at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas when all gates in two halls were closed this week to respond to the decline in air traffic.

“As passenger activity has decreased, McCarran officials are continuously evaluating the airport’s infrastructure and operations to identify ways to maximize efficiency and implement cost-cutting measures,” a Wednesday press release said.

Other countries are also taking drastic measures.

London Heathrow Airport in London will be temporarily switched to single runway operation from April 6. The airport plans to change the runway it uses weekly, a spokesman said.

A spokesman added that while Heathrow sees fewer flights, Heathrow remains open to continue its role in securing vital medical supplies and food for the nation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The major airports have also consolidated the TSA checkpoints and reduced staff for efficiency reasons as fewer travelers are present. In addition, some ticket offices have been closed.

Here you can see more specific measures taken at some of the country’s main airports.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has closed one of its runways so airlines can park unused planes there. The airport has also closed its TSA checkpoints in the north and south, and all travelers are passing the main checkpoint inland.

Officials at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the country, said flights had dropped 60% below the daily average.

The airport has around 2,700 arrivals or departures on an average day, but there are now around 1,100, airport spokeswoman Elise Durham said in an email.

los Angeles

At Los Angeles International Airport, Delta Airlines is consolidating all operations from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2, and United Airlines is discussing possible consolidation at its terminals, said Los Angeles World Airports spokesman Heath Montgomery.

San Francisco

The international airport of San Francisco had all flights in the international terminal in one hall until the end of May.


Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport has closed eight TSA checkpoints and American Airlines has closed ticket counters in Terminals A and C.


In Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport expects American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, which are the top airlines, to drop flights by 50% in May.

“Cancellations continue to be made daily in April as airlines have had no way to officially change their flight schedules in advance,” said airport spokeswoman Krishna Patel.

The airport has closed its B and D security controls in Terminal 4.


Denver International Airport has closed its northern TSA checkpoint and is directing travelers to the southern checkpoint.

Bryan Alexander of USA TODAY and Ed Komenda of the Reno Gazette Journal contributed to this.

This article originally appeared in the U.S. TODAY: U.S. airports cut operations as corona viruses reduce travel costs


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