US diplomatic restrictions on Taiwan lifted

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Pompeo’s lifting of all contact restrictions with Taiwan intensifies the tone towards China.

(Photo: Reuters)

Washington The US government is lifting self-imposed restrictions on how American diplomats and government officials deal with their contacts in Taiwan. “The United States government took these measures unilaterally to appease the communist regime in Beijing,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday. “Not anymore.”

The move comes before a planned visit by the American UN Ambassador Kelly Craft to Taiwan, which is planned for January 13-15 and is sharply criticized by China.

China is asking diplomatic partners not to have official contacts with the Taipei government. The communist leadership in Beijing only regards the democratic island as part of the People’s Republic, although it has never been part of it.

Foreign Office spokeswoman Hua Chunying told journalists in Beijing on Friday that some “anti-Chinese politicians” like Pompeo would do anything in their remaining term of office to undermine relations between the United States and China. “We hope and know that those in the US will pay a high price for their wrongdoing.”

Pompeo said US government agencies should regard any previous State Department “contact policy” regarding relations with Taiwan as null and void. Relations between the US administration of the elected President Donald Trump and the government in Beijing are strained. The US and Taiwan have only informal relations. The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is responsible for the implementation of US policy towards Taiwan.

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