US fears China to build 110 more missile storage silos | RYT9

Reuters reported that The U.S. Department of Defense and Republican congressmen raised fresh concerns on Tuesday over China’s stockpiling of nuclear weapons. After a new report states that China is building 110 more missile storage silos

A report by the American Federation of Scientists (AFS) on Monday said. Satellite images show that China is building a new silo near Hami. east of the Xinjiang region

The report comes after weeks before 120 missile storage silos had been built in Yumen. which is a desert area in southeastern China

At the beginning of this July The US State Department has voiced concern about China’s stockpiling of nuclear weapons, and said China appeared to be deviating from its decades-old nuclear strategy. The United States has called on China to engage in practical measures to reduce the risks of the nuclear arms race.


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