US launches attack in Kabul on vehicle with suspected Islamic State members

USA launched an attack on Acceptance against a vehicle in which alleged members of the Islamic State (EI), the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for Thursday’s attack on the airport in the Afghan capital, in which more than 170 people died.

In a statement, the spokesman for the US Central Command. (CENTCOM), Captain Bill Urban, reported that a US drone hit a vehicle in Acceptance that it posed an “imminent threat from ISIS” against the Kabul airport, where US troops remain.

“We are confident that we successfully achieved the goal,” Urban said.

Once the drone hit the vehicle, there were “significant secondary explosions”, indicating that the vehicle was carrying “a substantial amount” of explosive material, according to the CENTCOM spokesperson.

Previously, the Pentagon he had said he had information about the possibility of car bomb attacks.

At the moment, according to Urban, there are no “indications” of civilian casualties, although the Pentagon continues to evaluate the impact of the operation.

Just minutes before the Pentagon confirmed the attack, in Acceptance an explosion had been heard near the airport.

As they told Efe Official sources, the explosion occurred in a house near the airfield and there are at least five deaths, including three children.

The Taliban have also targeted EE.UU. as responsible for the explosion in Kabul.

This new attack of Washington against alleged members of the NO It comes just one day after a US drone killed two alleged “high-profile” jihadists from that terrorist group and wounded another in retaliation for Thursday’s attack.

This Saturday, American President Joe Biden, warned that it is “highly probable” that there will be another attack against the kabul airport in the next 24 to 36 hours; and hours later, the embassy in the Afghan capital issued an alert warning of “credible threats” near the airport.

These threats come at a time when Washington has begun the final phase of its withdrawal with the departure of military material and the beginning of the evacuation of some of the 5,000 soldiers who remained in the Kabul airport.

In less than 48 hours the deadline set by Biden for withdrawal. The taliban they also demand that the Americans and their allies leave the country completely by August 31.


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