US strike in Kabul on ISIS-linked vehicle


The United States carried out Sunday in Kabul a “defensive” strike of drone against a vehicle loaded with explosives. They thus intended “to suppress an imminent threat” of the Islamic State group in Khorasan (EI-K) against the airport, announced the Pentagon.

“We’re sure we’ve hit the target,” said Bill Urban, a central command spokesperson. “We are checking the possibility of civilian casualties,” he added, adding that he “has no indication at this time” that there are any.

“Strong secondary explosions from the vehicle showed the presence of a significant amount of explosives,” he said. “We remain vigilant for potential future threats.”

President Joe Biden said on Saturday that a new attack was “highly probable” after the attack on Thursday at Kabul airport, claimed by ISIS and which made more than a hundred deaths including thirteen American soldiers.

In retaliation, the United States carried out a drone strike in Afghanistan, killing two ISIS operatives and injuring a third, and warned that it would not be “the last”.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill were on Sunday morning at Dover Army Base, east Washington, with families of those servicemen when news of the latest airstrike fell. They were to pay homage to their remains at noon (6 p.m. Swiss).

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