US troops completes withdrawal of its forces after 20 years from Afghanistan | The U.S. military says a car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Mosul

Kabul: In Afghanistan (AfghanistanUS completes withdrawal of troops from (US)America). 20 years later, US troops withdrew from Afghanistan (US Forces) Is fully returned. Kabul Airport is the last airport in the United States (Kabul Airport) Left.

The last U.S. military plane, C17, took off at 12.59 pm Indian time with US Ambassador Rose Wilson. This is the first such evacuation in US history. The 18-day-long evacuation mission to Afghanistan was a daunting task. The Pentagon says 123,000 people have been repatriated from Afghanistan.

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The Taliban celebrated the withdrawal of US troops by firing into the air. The Taliban said it was a historic day, the day the U.S. military withdrawal was completed. The last U.S. soldier left Kabul airport, and now our country is celebrating complete independence. The Taliban, meanwhile, said they would allow anyone left to leave.

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US President Joe Biden will address the nation on Tuesday, August 31st. Biden thanked those who took part in the 18-day rescue mission. Biden has faced strong criticism from various quarters over his withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Biden’s response to the criticism was that the army was adamant in its decision to withdraw.

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The Taliban called for a US military withdrawal on August 31.Taliban) Last date given. The setback is in the context of this. Kabul last week as evacuation and military withdrawal progressed (AcceptanceIS at the airport (IS) Had carried out a suicide attack. Of these, 175 were killed, including 13 American soldiers. Against this backdrop, heavy security was put in place at the airport.

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