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Biden wants to dismantle Trump politics from day one

Future US President Joe Biden wants to reverse various political decisions made by Donald Trump on the very first day in the White House. “We have big plans for day one,” said Biden’s chief of staff Ronald Klain on US television. That included the Return to the Paris climate agreement, protection for young migrants in the US and health care measures. Biden can initiate this after taking office on January 20th by decree.

Biden’s future government wants to avoid broad lockdowns in the fight against the corona pandemic through targeted measures. “We have approaches with the precision of a scalpel instead of the raw strength of an ax”, emphasized Vivek Murthy, one of the co-heads of the Coronavirus Expert Council of Biden, the TV broadcaster Fox.

Renowned US immunologist and corona expert Anthony Fauci said the Trump administration’s refusal to recognize Biden’s election victory also hampered future activities in the fight against the pandemic. The GSA agency is still not giving Biden’s transition team the green light to work with government agencies. For the ongoing work of the coronavirus working group in the White House, it would be better if you could already work with the Biden experts, said Fauci on CNN. Trump has not attended the working group’s meetings for months, said Fauci. (dpa)

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