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Ob is am Tequila lag?

In Londonderry, New Hampshire, a guest enjoyed two hot dogs, a few chips, a Coke, a beer and a tequila – and tipped an insane $ 16,000.00 (the equivalent of about 13,400 euros).

According to local media, the customer came to the Stumble Inn, a grill restaurant and bar, on a Saturday afternoon. The man sat outside and gradually ordered food and drinks worth nearly $ 38.

When the stranger paid the bill, he said: “But don’t spend everything at once.” Curious: According to restaurant owner Mike Zarella, the barmaid who took the bill hadn’t even noticed what the Croesus customer wanted from her. Only after another wink with the fence post did the employee see what the guest had given as a tip.

“She was absolutely shocked,” Zarella told CNN. “All employees thanked him, they were overjoyed.”

The tip bang had already happened on June 12th. However, the “Stumble Inn” did not publish the story on the Internet until a few days later. Owner Mike Zarella wanted to wait until the money had actually arrived.

About a week after the guest first came to eat, the generous customer came regularly. “I sat down with him, thanked him and asked him if he was sure because we felt uncomfortable about this huge sum,” said Zarella.

“If he had made a mistake, we would of course have given the money back.” But Mister Spendierhosen said: “No, I want you to get the money.”

The eight waitresses decided to share the insane tip with the kitchen staff. The boss didn’t want any of it. The noble guest wants to remain anonymous.


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