Uvita returned and San Lorenzo celebrated in Tucumán

Before the responsibility of having to win to shape the sports miracle, San Lorenzo he did not hide in Tucumán. There was no choice because Banfield He had gone far and, to reach the grand final of the Champion Zone, it was necessary to breathe deeply, endure the heat of the NOA and show personality. CASLA did it. Why a clumsiness of Salazar was banked that almost complicated everything, but it was a night to dream and it happened. Nicolas Fernandez, at the worst moment of the game, he got on the court after an injury that took him away for 11 months. He returned to Tucumán. And he put the title to a game that leaves the Cyclone alive thanks to a saving left foot.

The path had been cleared for him since we went to the Cyclone, which was not little for a clash of strategists. There were barely four minutes of play when Alexander Diaz (when facing disarm any wall) he headed at pure speed and dribbling. Cabral, out of time, made him a criminal as clear as it is silly. Angel Romero turned it into a goal that gave poise to Soso’s team, especially because he had about 15 minutes of dominance, in which Sabella and Torito Rodríguez were lucid to manage the game.

Of course Atlético was going to react, and he did it more for pushing and balls than for game. With the Toledo mole as an area reference, as many balls flew towards him as those bugs that took over the Tucumán night. Gattoni put him to sleep and the head butt blew the stick’s ear out. It escaped Sabella so that Monetti showed off with a saving slap. The Monkey, too, had the complicit wink of the crossbar in a right hand bomb from Acosta. But San Lorenzo was not a passive guest, he could have increased the advantage because he handled transitions very well.

But Salazar started the ST with another kick, saw the red and, from that fault, came the dagger of the tie, which was of no use to anyone. Athletic bound was, but Soso moved the bank with Nicolás Fernández, who had not played since February, played it because he understood that they could hurt with the cons. And it didn’t screw up. The team backed off, and held on. And with the fresh striker, it was the same Uvita who nailed the left foot of hope. Then he attended Ramírez to put the bow to the best Christmas gift for Boedo. The Tucuman Uvita came out.


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