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The COVID-19 vaccination in June will be a large distribution of the vaccine. After medical personnel and front line personnel have been received since the end of Feb.

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For recipients of voluntary government-provided vaccinations What state aid do I need to know? If allergic reactions, side effects and adverse reactions are found

state aid

The National Health Security Board (NHSO Board) meeting on May 3 approved the payment of basic assistance for all Thai people who have suffered damage from vaccination against the coronavirus. -19 divided into 3 cases

  • death or permanent disability or a chronic illness that requires lifelong treatment and has a severe impact on livelihoods can pay basic assistance at a rate of not more than 400,000 baht
  • Loss of organs or disabilities that affect lifestyle Able to pay first aid at a rate not exceeding 240,000 baht
  • Injury or continued illness due to vaccination with the opinion of the medical examiner, consisting of an initial payment of assistance at a rate of not more than 100,000 baht

In this regard, the assistance to cover this damage NHSO will set the procedure so that it can be paid within 5 days after the committee receives the matter.

covering all Thai people but does not include alternative vaccinations from private hospitals

Dr. Jadet Thammathatchaaree, secretary-general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), said that the initial payment of aid that is damaged by the COVID-19 vaccine Covering all Thai people Whether it is a gold patent user Social Security or Civil Servant Welfare

The conditions for payment of assistance are as follows:

  • Vaccines that are injected must be vaccinated according to the program provided by the state for free.
  • Covers damage caused by force majeure from the government’s free vaccination.
  • It does not include alternative vaccines provided by private hospitals. which are charged

Where can I file a claim for compensation?

An announcement issued by the NHSO on May 16 states that those who have been vaccinated have had adverse reactions. A request for initial assistance can be submitted at the hospital where the injection was received. Provincial Public Health Office (NHSO) or the NHSO district office

All 3 agencies will submit the matter to the district subcommittee. When the district sub-committee receives the matter, it will consider it immediately. to pay compensation within 5 working days from the date the Subcommittee receives the matter

Those who are eligible to file a claim include the vaccination recipient, their heir, their sponsor, or the hospital providing the service. There is a period of time to file a claim within 2 years from the date of knowing the damage.

BBC Thai calls for information from the NHSO hotline 1330. It has been explained that the applicant for compensation must submit documents at the hospital where the vaccination was received. must have a document certifying the vaccination service of the injured person This is a document that records the name, surname, date of vaccination. Copy of ID card and a petition that the injured person must write a description of Where did you go to get the vaccine? Date and time. Tell the events of the date of the vaccination. and symptoms after vaccination

In this regard, throughout the notification There is no indication that a medical certificate is required for the application.

What are the criteria?

The secretary-general of the NHSO said that considering whether to pay the initial aid how many Sub-committee to consider the request for preliminary grants at the regional level will consider the severity of the damage and the economic status of the victim and can pay assistance up to the specified rate

If paying for insurance by yourself

The closer the vaccine is to the people. The more insurance products are presented for allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. In many price levels, from many brands, there are also free insurance from many insurance companies. including the Thai General Insurance Association who participated in giving out vaccine allergy insurance, a total of 11.5 million rights

From the survey of conditions for receiving benefits, it was found that Each insurance company writes different terms of coverage, for example, coverage is written in the event of a coma. or terminal illness

Illness in coma due to complications or side effects of vaccination. To prevent contracting coronavirus disease 2019 or getting sick in cattle from getting vaccinated against disease. or have brain death and nervous system failure

In addition, some insurance companies products are sold Protection for paying consolation when being treated as an inpatient at the hospital for at least 7 consecutive days or medical expenses for inpatients by setting the maximum limit all the time when insured

BBC Thai surveys the insurance policy for one vaccine allergy. It has written the terms and conditions that “Does not cover the payment of any benefit arising from direct cause or indirectly from vaccinations that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration.”

OIC orders insurance to protect against COVID-19 vaccination outside hospitals

Dr. Suthiphon Thaweechaikarn, secretary-general of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), said that the OIC has issued two orders requiring insurance policies to be allergic to the COVID-19 vaccine. Coverage in case of COVID-19 vaccination in the service point outside the hospital as well

Both registrar orders require insurance companies to cover the impact of the COVID-19 vaccination. performed by a doctor, nurse or personnel licensed under the law of the Kingdom of Thailand no matter where it operates The insured will still be covered according to the terms of the insurance policy. The same is true for general hospital vaccinations.

As of May 15, 25 insurance companies have been approved for insurance policies that provide coverage for the impact of the COVID-19 vaccination, and 10 have already been sold to the general public.


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