vaccination in France from Sunday, two close to the pope positive, Joe Biden vaccinated… The recap ‘of December 22

► Joe Biden vaccinated in front of the cameras

US President-elect Joe Biden, 78, and his wife Jill, received Monday, December 21 live in front of television cameras the first dose of a vaccine, that of Pfizer, the first of two vaccines authorized in the United States.

“I’m doing this to show that people need to be ready for the vaccine when it becomes available, there’s nothing to worry about”, then said the future president, just after the injection. “I can’t wait to get the second dose! “

The American immunologist Anthony Fauci, a highly respected figure in the United States and appointed adviser on Covid-19 by Joe Biden after having already been a member of Donald Trump’s crisis cell, was also vaccinated on Tuesday.

► Vaccinations from Sunday in France

The first vaccinations against Covid-19 will begin on Sunday, December 27 at “Very small scale” on a voluntary basis in long-term care units and establishments for the elderly in Île-de-France, the spokesperson for Synerpa, a union of private retirement homes, said on Tuesday.

This announcement surprised with its speed the managers of establishments for the elderly (Ehpad), who must be the first served. Prior to any injection, the representatives of nursing homes awaited the imminent publication of a protocol from the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, a guide of around forty pages which should detail the managers of establishments. “The search for consent, the pre-vaccination visit, and details on who can vaccinate and with what type of equipment”.

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► The European Commission wants to authorize “essential trips” to the United Kingdom

The European Commission on Tuesday 22 December recommended that EU member states facilitate the resumption of traffic with the United Kingdom for “Essential trips” and for “Avoid supply chain disruptions”. A recommendation that still has to be considered in the evening by the ambassadors of the member countries.

→ TESTIMONIALS. Covid-19: Europeans stranded after the suspension of links with the United Kingdom

After a variant of the virus appeared in the United Kingdom, most European states suspended links with this country, most often for a period of 24 to 48 hours. Germany and Luxembourg closed their borders until January 6.

► Two cardinals close to Pope Francis suffering from Covid

Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski and Italian Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, both close collaborators of Pope Francis, have contracted the coronavirus, once again raising questions about a sovereign pontiff rarely protecting himself with a mask.

On Monday, on the occasion of the greetings to some 4,000 Vatican employees and their families, the Argentine Pope could not help but approach the first row of participants to take a baby in his arms. The Vatican has not yet indicated when the Pope could benefit from a Covid-19 vaccine.


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