Vaccination in pharmacies: when can you be vaccinated and with which vaccine?

The process of accelerating the vaccination campaign will go through pharmacies. In any case, this is the wish of the government, which has just published a decree to this effect. Pharmacists and midwives are now authorized to prescribe and inject vaccines against Covid-19, as well as nurses who can now vaccinate without a doctor being systematically present, according to a decree published on Friday in the Official Journal. .

Thus, from March 15, pharmacists will be able to prescribe and vaccinate those eligible for vaccination, and more broadly, “prescribe vaccines (..) to any person”, except those “having a haemostatic disorder”, “having a history of anaphylactic reaction”, either to “one of the components of these vaccines”, is “during the first injection and pregnant women. Be careful, however, these injections in pharmacies can only be made by pharmacists already authorized for vaccination, as is the case for the flu vaccine.

In fact, who will have priority and with which vaccine?

The Government announced it yesterday, vaccination remains reserved as a priority for people over 75 years old, as well as people over 50 years old suffering from comorbidities and adults at very high risk. The expansion to other audiences will take place a little later.

For now, it will be the AztraZeneca vaccine, easier to store and above all, it does not require the presence of a doctor because of its technology. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, requiring much heavier logistics, are reserved for vaccination centers and nursing homes.

How to proceed?

For the time being, the reservation slots have not been opened. According to Le Parisien, this will take place on Ordoclic, a specialized website. But you can still register on in order to receive the information. The best is still to get closer to your pharmacy in the coming days, because only pharmacies already authorized for vaccination will be authorized to give injections, indicates the Order of Pharmacists.

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