Vaccines that are more than 90% effective? Emmanuel André moderates the enthusiasm

With a tweet full of humor, the scientist tempered the successive announcements on the effectiveness of vaccines.

LThe vaccine developed by the Pfizer / BioNTech alliance is 95% effective in preventing Covid-19, according to full results from their large-scale clinical trial, the companies said in a statement Wednesday.

This is better than partial results published last week and which showed “more than 90%” of effectiveness. This means that 162 members of the trial’s placebo group contracted Covid-19, compared with only 8 in the vaccinated group.

Caution in setting

In recent days, announcements of pharmaceutical companies working on vaccines have multiplied. Every day, the results of the provisional tests are improving. Emmanuel André calls for caution. “I understand the financial motivations of pharmaceutical companies to issue press releases that say they are the best,” the scientist wrote on his Twitter. “But let’s be serious: if they keep increasing daily, we’ll be 140% efficient before the publication of the first peer-reviewed study. “

In the meantime, Pfizer will apply for marketing authorization “within a few days” from the US Medicines Agency (FDA).


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