Valheim: methods that work to level up player stats

Valheim is a new survival game based on Viking myths and the lifestyle of that time. After a series of highly successful Norse and Viking mythology-themed games, it appears that the gaming industry has an obsession with Northmen and their gods.

Today the game has exceeded 4 million downloads on the Steam store. In this note, we will discuss the unique game mechanics Valheim offers players, with up to 15 varied abilities that they can upgrade by performing various tasks and activities in the game.

These skills in Valheim are:

  • Unarmed skill

  • Skip

  • Clubs

  • Blocking

  • Axes

  • In a hurry

  • Logging

  • Arcos

  • Knives

  • Swimming

  • Furtive

  • Spears

  • Peaks

  • Swords; Y

  • Armed with this

Each skill in Valheim is assigned a specific number that represents the level of that respective skill. Players can improve a particular skill by performing that task repeatedly in Valheim.

For example, if players are looking to increase their swimming skills, they should head into a body of water and swim for as long as their stamina in the game allows.

The concept of stamina in Valheim is critical for players to understand, as its lack can cause obstacles when attempting to execute various activities in the game.

Level up the player’s skill stats in Valheim

As one user pointed out on his YouTube channel, certain methods can help players quickly level up specific skill stats in Valheim.

For example, to level up your jumping and running skills, players can try to get into their base and place a horizontal slab on the wall, high enough that they can stand underneath.

Once this slab has been placed, players can stand under the slab facing the wall. They can then choose to jump and be blocked by the slab above their head or press the hotkey [q] to activate force execution.

This will ensure that the players are continuously walking towards the wall without moving. This method allows them to update their running and jumping skill stats very quickly.

Also, to improve your statistics skills for a weapon or combat-related activity, players can build a training base around a giant rock. This structure can be used as a doll to use weapons and improve skill statistics.

However, performing all tasks in Valheim requires players to expend a notable amount of stamina. In-game boosts like Eikthyr can be extremely useful when trying to level up the player’s skill stats in Valheim without spikes or interruptions.

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