Vania Bludau announces that her romance with Mario Irivarren has come to an end web eye celebrity | EYE-SHOW

Is love over? He surprised all his followers by using his networks to announce that he ended his relationship with And it is that the former reality girl made the decision to launch this statement, after apparently declaring towards a television program.

“Today I was intercepted by a TV program and I know it was my fault, because if the feelings had not taken over me, no one would be looking for me to ask me questions”you start reading in their stories of Instagram.

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In that sense, although she did not want to give details of what would have happened to Mario, the model was quite affected by this break. I acted badly trying to fake it on camera and I think it didn’t work out for me. Sorry. Making these public announcements of a personal matter is tedious and sad, but it’s the right thing to do, it’s supposed to be.” he added.

Despite everything, Vania assured that she still feels a lot of love for the ex-combatant, but that it would have been reasons of force majeure that forced her to end their romance. Ampay in sight?

I made the difficult decision to end the relationship I had even though there is a lot of love on my part. I will not provide any details, nor any old speech and I sincerely hope that my decision is respected ”, he finished saying.



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