Vegetable cultivation in the middle of the road; Prosperidad city with separate project | siraj daily

Davao City | The plants grown in the middle of the main roads and in the traffic islands are a beautiful sight. A completely different approach is adopted in the city of Prosperidad in Mindanao, Philippines. But instead of plants and flowers, they have planted vegetables. Through this a healthy plan has been implemented. A variety of vegetables like eggplant, onion and onion are grown. Lilibath Herbolingo, who works in the government’s road maintenance department, is behind the project.

When the city was in lockdown, authorities distributed seeds to locals to plant in the garden. Herbolingo planted the seeds she got on Traffic Island, located in front of a bus terminal. The work done for recreation was later extended to more parts of the city. It was later approved by the city’s mayor, Frederick Mark Mellana.

Following in the footsteps of Herbolingo, city employees and locals began to grow vegetables on other traffic islands in the area. Farm management is done by the staff and the locals. The harvested vegetables are distributed to the locals. It is also a source of income for the financially distressed during the Kovid period.


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