Vélez beat Central, won the Complementation Phase and waits for Boca or Banfield

There will be no reason to uncork in Liniers. Ultimately, Vélez hoped to be the protagonist of the 2020 South American final. The victory against Central, then, will be a consolation. He won the Complementation Phase and will play for a pass to the South American 2022 with the loser of Boca-Banfield. When? For now it is a mystery.

After the light show in the central tribune, empty of people due to the pandemic, and the fireworks, Vélez seemed better lit at the start. On board a 4-2-3-1 that had Ricardo Alvarez as a starting reference. That kid who emerged in Liniers as a fast lane with overflow, today is an internal flying brain after a decade in Europe. Distributed the game Ricky and his namesake Centurion, Agustín Bouzat and Lucas Janson moved into space. Juan Manuel Lucero dragged marks.

In this context, with Central crouching, came the first goal of the night from San Juan. Joaquín Laso committed a clumsiness, charged Bouzat from behind and Patricio Loustau did not hesitate. Penalty, definition of Centurión and Vélez, deservedly, in advantage.

However, he gave up tenure. And he began to suffer behind Centurión and in front of Hernán De La Fuente. There was a great tandem between Lucas Ferreyra and Lautaro Blanco. The side was deep. And when Emiliano Vecchio was released, that usually vindicates the down payment, Central had game volume. It was affirmed in the middle, it flowed in attack and obtained the tie.

Laso opened for Fabián Rinaudo, the midfielder’s pass was intercepted and Vecchio’s shot came from the rejection. Lucas Hoyos cushioned and the crossbar and the kid Marinelli, a pleasant appearance of the inferior scoundrels, pushed her to goal.

Central continued his search on the left, Vecchio wasted a stopped ball and Vélez was intermittent with some isolated play that caused the “Uuuuuuuh” that flowed from the loudspeakers, in the style of FIFA or PES from the playstation. Of course, on the playing field, everything was different from the dynamics, speed and pirouettes offered by the popular video game.

The Rosario lost the second when Hoyos shook off Ferreyra, who received a great pass from Marinelli. So he Kily he sought creative company for Vecchio. Francesco Lo Celso entered for Emmanuel Ojeda and went from 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-4-1.

Vélez needed more intensity to get the ball back. And he began to press. But clarity was also lacking in the final meters. That’s why Thiago Almada came in.

The game was even, Pellegrino moved the bench and a minute later, he got the winning goal. Bottinelli saved on the line against Monzón, but he threw himself with his whole body to cover Guidara’s shot. The ball hit the arm. Penalty, expulsion – it was already booked – and goal by Almada.

Central was injured, exposed to the contra. The Chilean Galdames was expelled and when they were ten against ten, Damián Martínez lost the chain. He elbowed Orellano and saw the red card. There was time for Florián Monzón’s goal and the measured celebration of all of Vélez, who waits for Boca or Banfield, a duel with an uncertain date.



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