Vendée Globe: six boats at full speed in the southern hemisphere, the gaps are melting – Vendée Globe

The first six of the Vendée Globe crossed the equator this Thursday morning and are racing at high speed in the southern hemisphere.

ninth day at sea in the Vendée Globe. And racing around the world has never been so intense and exciting. With a justice of the peace, who, on the contrary, deviations in miles, therefore necessarily approximate, gives clear, limpid deviations. In hours and minutes. And at the equator, this Thursday morning, on the line that separates the northern and southern hemispheres, six sailors honored Neptune with an offering (or would have been well inspired to do so). After Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), Wednesday afternoon, it was around Thomlas Rettant (LinkedOut) then Charlie Dalin (Apivia) to cut the fateful line in the evening. The delay on the Welshman? 5:49 am and 7:44 am respectively. A trifle, a misery like a trip around the world. And in the night, followed Jean Le Xam (Yes We Cam), 10:13 am after the leader, Kévin Escoffier (PRB) 2:02 pm and Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée 2) 2:37 pm.

At the end of this first part of the Vendée Globe, the results of this 9th edition are finally in line with forecasts with a regatta which is in full swing after a very nice Doldrums this year and minimal gaps which melt under the sun. of the southern hemisphere. This Thursday, at the 5am check-in, Thomas Rettant and Charlie Dalin got closer and are only 37 miles and 65 miles behind on a less westerly route than Alex Thomson’s. The tactical battle to pass the next obstacle, the Saint Helena High, has started on the Great South Expressway. The leading monohulls have regained a flourishing pace with the 20 knots.

Behind the rest of the fleet spread over 2,869 miles is also moving quickly. All speedometers display two-digit speeds. And happiness was heard during the calls to sea, early this Thursday. “I live in the present moment, life is good, I only take the positive”, confided to the organization the Italian Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian Grou), 13th and close to Maxime Sorel (V and B – Mayenne) . Same pleasure to sail for Alexia Barrier (TSE-4myPlanet), 28th and in regatta in a group of six boats: “I had a rest, I feel good, it’s great to surf with double-digit speeds. I can’t wait for the day to break to see the sea and the sky. A sky that is not expected to fall on his head today.


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