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Veppex asked the US to revoke Potro Álvarez’s visa

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The Organization of Political Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile (Veppex) on Tuesday asked the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to revoke the visa of the president of the National Institute of Racetracks in Venezuela, Antonio “el Potro” Álvarez.

Veppex’s letter to Blinken is due to Álvarez’s planned attendance at the Clásico del Caribe, the thoroughbred horse race organized by the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation and which this year will be held on December 5 in Puerto Rico.

“The presence of an official from the Maduro regime sends a very negative message due to the sanctions and the ignorance that the United States government has had of the tyranny that reigns in Venezuela,” Veppex said in his letter.

The organization’s request has merited a response from Álvarez, who in Twitter He confirmed that he plans to attend the event because he has a visa, and also pointed out that he does not understand the hatred or threats from the director of Veppex, José Antonio Colina.

“I do not have any crime for which the United States government is investigating me, the only thing I have are death threats from you and the journalist Carla Angola,” said the Venezuelan official.

Colina denied in the same social network the accusations made by Álvarez, and assured that he has not threatened him with death.

«What I am requesting is that they do not allow him to enter North American territory. Don’t be a showcero and a liar, “he added.

Last week, Veppex declared Mexican singer and actor Pablo Montero persona non grata for performing for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro at his birthday party.

In a press release from Montero’s representative, reproduced by the Miami media, the Mexican singer said that he does not meddle in the affairs of other countries and as an artist he has “no party or flag other than Mexican music.”

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