Vida takes an important step towards the semifinals with a hat-trick from Luis Palma! – Ten


Min 90 ‘ The match ends in La Ceiba, Vida defeats Upn 3-1 with a Luis Palma hat-trick and they take an important step towards qualifying for the semifinals.

Min 85 ‘ Yellow in Upn and it is for Juan Ramón Mejía for claims because he was not awarded a penalty.

Min 80 & # 39; Gooooooooal of Life! Luis Palma takes advantage of a penalty and establishes the 3-1, hat-trick on his account.

Luis Palma was dispatched with a hat-trick. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Min 75 ‘ Yellow card in the Upn for Fernando Argeñal. Change in the Upn; Samuel Elvir instead of Junior Lacayo.

Min 69 ‘ Change in Life, Luis Meléndez instead of José Escalante. Wisdon Quaye del Vida was yellowed.

Min 60 ‘¡Goooooooool de la Upn! Kilmar Peña takes advantage of a cross to the right and in the heart of 16:50 he discounts with a right shot.

Upn entered the game with a goal from Kilmar Peña. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Min 56 ‘ Change in the Upn; Fernando Argeñal instead of Jason Sánchez.

6:03 pm: The second half begins with two changes in Upn; Kilmar Peña and Rembrandt Flores by Carlos Róchez and Jairo Róchez.

Min 47 ‘ José Mendoza saves the penalty from Víctor Moncada who throws it to the left side, the first half ends and we are 2-0 with a victory in favor of Vida.

Min 46 ‘ Penalty for Upnfm by hand for Carlos Sánchez, also the left-hander is shown yellow.

Min 38 ‘Gooooooooooool of Life! Luis Palma enters at 4:50 p.m. and removes the mark from several players to establish the 2-0.

Min 28 ‘ Change in the Upnfm; Junior Footman in place of Alexander Bodden.

Min 2 ‘Gooooooooooool of Life! Luis Palma takes advantage of a defense error after a shot from about 40 meters from Quaye, the ball is rebounding at 16:50 and Palma with the right for 1-0.

Luis Palma opened the account for Vida after two minutes. Photo: Emilio Flores.

4:59 pm: Upnfm and Vida are already playing at the National Stadium for the purpose of the repechage.

11 Life holder: José Mendoza, Carlos Meléndez, José Colón, Jonathan Mazzola, Luis Palma, Denis Meléndez, Carlos Argueta, José Escalante, Alexander Aguilar, Wisdon Quaye and Carlos Sánchez.

11 holder of the Upnfm: Jordy Castro, Pablo Cacho, Ronald Montoya, Eduar Reyes, Axel Gómez, Jason Sánchez, Victor Moncada, Carlos Róchez, Alexander Bodden, Jairo Róchez and Juan Ramón Mejía.

This Saturday the curtain will open again for the first leg playoff games with the match between UPNFM and Life which will be played today at 5:00 pm at the National Stadium of Tegucigalpa.

Both teams achieved their classification being third with 18 points (Upnfm en the group of lto Downtown) and second with 21 units (Life in the North Zone group).

The team of Solomon Nazar lHe is tagged as a favorite for his good time at the National League adding three games without knowing of defeat. The last of them, happened in victory facing the same rival (0-3).

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The opposite of Lifetime, that despite having started the tournament well, he is not having a great time with two consecutive defeats.


For this match, coach Nerlyn Membreño will be able to count star players such as Wisdom Quaye, José Escalante, Horacio Argueta, José Mendoza and Alexander Aguilar, tousers in the last two dates for positive to coronavirus. On the UPNFM side, there are no casualties, except for Lázaro Yánez who is still among cottons.

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Historically, Life has not fared well facing and UPNFM. Of 14 games he has only won twice, lost 4 and tied 8. To them add the 10 games in a row that they have without being able to beat him.

The return game will be on December 23 in La Ceiba at 5:15 pm.


Protagonists: UPNFM vs Vida (first leg playoff)
Referee: Selvin Brown Chavarria
Who broadcasts ?: TVC
Time: 5:00 pm
Stadium: Triburcio Carías Andino.


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