Video: Airship “OceanSky Cruises” is supposed to bring vacationers to the North Pole

See in the video: Luxury airship brings vacationers with a heavy wallet to the North Pole.

The company wants to offer a kind of luxury air cruise.
“Airships can transport payloads that are comparable to some commercial aircraft, but only use a tiny fraction of the energy to transport them over the same distance,” explains Swedish entrepreneur Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck. He used to be a pilot for the Scandinavian airline SAS.
Airships are extremely slow. And that is exactly the advantage of using it as a flying luxury air cruise ship.
Because one of the highlights of such trips will be the opportunity to observe the arctic fauna from the sky. This is where the airship’s ability to fly extremely slowly and very close to the ground comes into play.
The 16 passengers are accommodated in eight spacious, hotel-like double cabins.
A special highlight: the picnic at the North Pole.
“The airship will sit firmly on the ground when getting in and out, with its nose into the wind, so we can simply open the door and let the passengers get in and out,” says Lawaczeck.
OceanSky expects its airships to be powered first with a hybrid propulsion system using biofuel, and later with an all-electric propulsion system.
The target date for the first expedition is already 2023 or 2024. Reservations can be made immediately.
For many, however, one limitation is the price. At $ 232,845 for a two-person cabin, OceanSky’s polar voyages aren’t necessarily for all budgets.

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