VIDEO: Body camera captures the moment when a police officer reduces NBA star Jaxson Hayes with a taser


29 ago 2021 05:18 GMT

The incident occurred on July 28, when the agents were responding to a complaint about a domestic dispute.

Los Angeles police officers pressed their knee to NBA player Jaxson Hayes’s neck and pointed a taser at him, according to body camera video. published this Friday by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The incident at the New Orleans Pelicans player’s home began quietly, with him answering questions from police officers outside the building. When the officers asked Hayes and his cousin to make way for them and wait outside, the player protested and began to resist. The uniformed men, in turn, tried to reduce it: they used an electro-shock pistol (taser) and an agent even pressed his knee against the player’s neck.

The incident occurred on July 28, when the Police responded to a complaint by a domestic dispute in a Los Angeles area home. After the altercation, Hayes had to go to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries, while a policeman also required medical attention, without his condition being specified. That same day, the athlete was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and a $ 25,000 bond was set, which he paid within two and a half hours.


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