Video. Ecatepec neighbors block Avenida Central; require vaccines against Covid

Ecatepec. Before starting the second day of vaccination against Covid-19 in Ecatepec, a group of neighbors blocks the central avenue, at its junction with Suterm Avenue, to demand that the other modules previously announced for the application of the antigen be put into operation.

The nonconformists were formed from an early hour in the Rio de Luz Civic Center so that the inoculation of adults over 60 years of age would begin at 9 am, as the authorities had announced the previous Sunday.

Last night the Ecatepec town hall reported on their social networks that due to logistics problems only the modules of the Las Americas subdivision They would provide care, as happened on Monday, but the inhabitants did not find out and went to line up to be vaccinated.

A group of residents intermittently closes circulation on that road that connects Mexico City with the Mexican municipality, while other residents remain trained at the Río de Luz Civic Center and warn that they will not withdraw until immunization begins in that place.

The Moreno Mayor, Fernando Vilchis, who went to Las Américas this morning, reported that the Melchor Muzquiz Civic Center will go into operation this Tuesday, after the volunteer personnel were trained to participate in the vaccination program.

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This second day, improved organization and logistics in the AmericasIn addition, the number of people who came to be inoculated on Monday decreased.

According to the mayor, on the first day more than 5,000 vaccines.



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