Video games: the PlayStation 5 draws a week after Xbox

Two versions to cover all portfolios. Sony offers a “premium” model at 499 francs while a “digital” edition, at equal power and intended for games hosted online, is sold for 399 francs. And, like the X Series, it offers ultra high definition 4K images, ray tracing support, fast loads thanks to the SSD hard drive and a smooth refresh rate with a speed of up to 120 images per. second. With its imposing size, light blue lighting and a white shell with V-shaped curves, the PS5 abandons the sober color of the range to adopt a questionable futuristic look. Whether we like the design or not, we are surprised to have to clip a poor plastic support to properly wedge it. On the verge of heresy. But the machine makes up for it with a clean operating system very similar to the PS4, so as not to destabilize regulars as well as novices. Note that backward compatibility stops at the PS4 generation. Poor in games when it was released, the console relies on the PS Plus subscription and its fifteen titles offered, including “God of War”, “Monster Hunter World”, “Infamous” and many other hits to keep players busy. Like Serie X, you have to put your brakes on and wait until next year to find out what it really has in its guts with titles specially designed for its technical capabilities.

A great evolution of the DualShock 4, the new pad has also seen its historic design greatly modified. Responding to the sweet name of DualSense, this wireless controller offers immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone. Nothing better than diving into “Astro’s Playroom”, supplied with the PS5, to discover all these features which considerably enhance the immersion. It is still necessary that the publishers manage to apply these new capacities to their sauce in their next productions, which is less certain. In any case, the handling of the DualSense is immediate and we also appreciate the general ergonomics and the touch of the buttons. In the worst case, you can always reconnect a good old DualShock.

Role-playing game Recreated from A to Z on the occasion of the release of the PS5, the remake of “Demon’s Souls” gives the opportunity to (re) discover the disturbing history and the merciless battles of the liberation of the kingdom of Boletaria, plunged into nothingness because of a curse. Considerable work has been done to make this masterpiece worthy of the PS5 and of unparalleled fluidity. And, even if “Demon’s Souls” is not the hoped-for technological showcase, this exclusivity is heavy.

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