VIDEO: The dramatic images of the rescue of a pet amid the floods in Tabasco | News from El Salvador

Personnel from the Naval de México saved a puppy that was trapped in the middle of the floods. The frightened animal was standing on two legs holding on to the bars of a window. The images went viral.

A video showing the moment a dog is rescued amidst the floods caused by the rains in Tabasco, Mexico, has moved social networks.

In the images you can see a scared pet that was standing on two legs Sosteniéndose from the bars of a window.

Naval personnel aboard a boat were in charge of saving the canine’s life, according to a recording published on Saturday by the Secretary of the Navy through its Twitter account.

The Mexican Secretary of the Navy published a video showing the moment when naval personnel rescued a dog in the middle of the floods in Tabasco.

In the tweet he described the work carried out by the military to rescue the animal, who “thanks to the care received, he is safe in the company of his rescuers “, he pointed.

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The Naval agents bring the boat closer to the dog and one of them strokes his head to show him confidence. Immediately the animal gives way and approaches the boat to be raised and thus manages to get to safety.

The same video, but without editing, was also shared by user Iván Hernández where one of the rescuers is heard saying: “Come on, get on with us son” and later indicates “Come on my beautiful dog”.

The dog is moved to a safe place. Photo video capture: Twitter / @expansivovh

Meanwhile, in another brief recording, the moment was captured when a woman always from the Navy carries the dog in the middle of the water and takes it to a safe place.

It is unknown how long the animal remained at risk amid the floods.

Until November 12, Jorge Mier y Terán, Civil Protection coordinator, reported that at least eight people had died in Tabasco due to the effects of the rains in recent days, according to local media.

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