(Video) This is how they pulled a snake out of a woman’s throat

In Russia, a woman had to go to a medical procedure to remove her throat a snake that got into her when she was asleep.

The video circulates on social networks, impacting thousands due to the size of the reptile, which according to media such as the 5-Tv, it entered the lady’s body when she was taking a nap under a tree.

Apparently, the woman began to feel ill when she woke up, so she went to a hospital for care.

As the examinations determined that there was something strange in the throat of the patient, the doctors decided to anesthetize her to remove the animal.

In the video it is observed when a doctor removes the snake with what would be an endoscope, to the surprise of her colleagues.


Some local Russian media pointed out that the incident would have taken place in the village of Levashi, in Dagestan.

However, the state news agency ‘RÍA Novosto’ denied that information, after consulting the local Ministry of Health.

“There was no such fact in the medical institutions of Dagestan,” a representative of the entity told the Russian agency.

At the end of the video it is seen that the health worker places the snake in a bucket, which appears immobile. However, it is unknown whether the animal was alive at the time of the procedure.


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