Viennese government – SPNÖ-Schnabl: “Ludwig goes bold, new path”

The SPÖ and NEOS presented their coalition agreement, which has now been approved by all party committees, in the Vienna City Hall on Tuesday evening. “It’s worth watching this program,” assured mayor and SPÖ boss Michael Ludwig, who presented the pact together with the designated vice mayor and city councilor for education, NEOS state spokesman Christoph Wiederkehr. A mega punch krapferl and red and pink suspenders were available as color-matched debut gifts.

SPNÖ-Schnabl: “Lower Austria can take an example”

Whether in health care, schools and free kindergartens or affordable housing: the SPÖ has been doing all of this for decades in and for a “modern” and “social” Vienna. “With the red-pink coalition, Michael Ludwig is taking a bold, new path: It is the first social-liberal coalition at state level,” says Schnabl.

Lower Austria could also take “many points” from the red and pink Vienna government program “as an example”: in the areas of economy, housing, education and transparency, a lot can be found in the coalition program in great detail. Such as necessary urban investments, the reduction of bureaucracy, a one-stop-shop principle in the economy, the concepts of a climate model city, city of education or measures for affordable housing, there are many measures and concepts that are also important for Lower Austria would be to master the challenges of the future “, so Schnabl.

NEOS-Collini: “Role model for all of Austria”

The Lower Austrian NEOS are also happy about the social-liberal Viennese coalition. It is an opportunity for Vienna as the federal capital. “I am very pleased that NEOS has a strong voice in the city government for education, transparency and climate protection. Christoph Wiederkehr, as NEOS city councilor for education, youth, transparency and integration, will ensure that this is the case. In addition, I expect the First red-pink cooperation developed as a role model for the whole of Austria. In Brunn am Gebirge, too, we see a red-pink coalition promoting future-oriented solutions, “says NEOS spokeswoman Indra Collini.


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