Village of Resident Evil could have skipped PS4 and Xbox One completely

Village of Resident Evil could have skipped PS4 and Xbox One completely

Village of Resident Evil could have skipped the latest platforms, with developers waiting to make sure it works well enough before committing to making one copy of the PS4 and Xbox.

Resident Evil Village is great on the next generation console and PC, but recent betas and hands-on time from IGN indicated that the game also looks great and works smoothly on the latest generation console, the PS4 and Xbox One. However, according to producer Zwishi Canada, it was only after announcing Hamlet in June of last year that Capcom decided to release the game on the latest generation platform.

“We developed Village as a next-generation console game, but to make it accessible to more players, we went through many trials and tribulations to offer a similar experience in some way in the latest hardware,” Canada told IGN. “In the end, we were able to provide a high quality product for the latest generation devices as well. However, if the quality wasn’t enough, I don’t think we would have launched it. ”

Director Morissa Sato added, “If there was a huge difference in the quality of the graphics or the frames, that was not something we could offer the actors, so we did our best to make sure it would be satisfactory on every stage.”

Fans were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the PS4 Pro IGN footage exclusively revealed earlier this month, captured through a full game preview. With the latest demos, players were able to test a brief game version directly on their preference platform

If you are not sure whether to get Village in the latest or next generation of consoles, do not worry, because Canada maintains that the latest generation versions can be upgraded to the next generation for free, if you buy the next version – later known as Jane.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7. Learn how to write the game inspired by Resi 7 and Resi 4 in our interview with the developers, and be sure to check out our in-depth preview of the first five hours plus impressions of another situation. Mercenaries. If you can’t wait for your blood to be drained by Lady Dimitresco, don’t miss our advantage on the arrogant villain and her daughters, and also be sure to check out our spotting other main villains in the game.
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