Vip News: Cathy Hummels shares family photo with Mats Hummels and son Ludwig

21. September 2021
“He’s the best boy”: Cathy Hummels shares another family photo
For months there have been rumors that Cathy and Mats Hummels’ marriage is going to be in crisis. But the couple persistently remains silent and has so far not commented on the speculation. At an event in Munich, Cathy Hummels showed up in a dirndl a few days ago and had tied her bow on the right. A signal that the wearer is taken. on Instagram The 33-year-old commented on this detail with the words: “I was often asked why I am wearing the bow on the right. Why not? Did I not notice something?” In addition, she published a snapshot in which she can be seen together with husband Mats, who is holding son Ludwig by the hand. Hummels wrote: “He’s the best boy. Oh yes, and the smartest, dearest, most beautiful, funniest.” She had already posted a family photo at the end of August and added the comment “We always stick together for you, because YOU are more important than EVERYTHING else”.

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