Viral foreign passengers without masks on Citilink aircraft

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.WITH–Viral di social media Twitter of airline passengers who are foreign nationals (WNA) Citilink do not use masks on airplanes from Bali.

The upload was posted by the owner of the Twitter account @KSwazey, Saturday (6/3/2021) afternoon.

“Once again flying from Bali, once again foreigners are free and allowed to enter the plane without masks, the flight attendants are silent and do not say anything to them,” he wrote to @Citilink.

He stated that even the passengers on the plane were only half capacity, but they were asked to sit in the back without keeping their distance.

“The plane is only half full, passengers are forced to sit together on row without social distancing, the seats in front remain empty, “he wrote again.

Until 18.35 WIB the post had been retweeted 4,165 times.

As is well known, the government continues to promote the implementation of health protocols to the public, including the transportation sector, especially the use of masks, keep your distance, and wash your hands.


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