Virtual opening of Martin Vizbulis exhibition +371 28649002 / Day

Exhibitions +371 28649002 In the virtual opening, the artist Martins Vizbulis and the curator of the exhibition Raitis Šmits will present the works of the exhibition and their creation. For several years, Martins Vizbulis has been fascinated with the study of microcontrollers and various sensors. When the artist had a SIM card module at his disposal, performing various practical experiments, the artist came to the conclusion that the SIM card module can successfully replace the absence of WiFi, and he realized that it would be a work of art instead of heart. In the exhibition, each work of art will be equipped with its own SIM card and will work by calling it – everyone will be able to interact with the works of art from their phones, creating an opportunity for mutual communication and creating a kind of database. It is possible that such smart works of art will be seen in smart homes, where a work of art can be called next to a robotic interlocutor.

The RIXC gallery for face-to-face visits is currently closed, but please visit the RIXC virtual gallery

As soon as possible, Martin Vizbulis exhibition +371 28649002 will be on-site until April 24.

To participate in the virtual opening of the exhibition on the Zoom platform, anyone interested is invited to register in the eventbrite system here until noon on Friday (February 26) at 12.00.

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