switches to corona site RIVM • Ardern thanks New Zealanders

The police in Berlin last night ended a major rally against the corona measures of the German government. At least 200 people were arrested in front of the Russian embassy at Unter den Linden, where a grim atmosphere arose.

Right-wing extremists broke through a police cordon at the Reichstag. In other places the dreaded riots did not occur and protesters left without problems.

In the video below you can see that the protesters did not comply with the corona rules, after which the police intervened:

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In Berlin, Robert F. Kennedy, a cousin of John F. Kennedy, who was murdered in 1963, also addressed the protesters. He was referring to the famous speech his uncle gave in Berlin in 1963: according to him it is time to take action against oppression again.

A group of right-wing extremists also faced the police, correspondent Wouter Zwart reported on Twitter:

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