Vitiligo, in which melanocytes are lost, early treatment is important

Vitiligo, which causes mottled white spots on the skin, has been turned into a disease that can be improved as many treatments have been developed. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Effects of UV treatment and epidermal transplantation

vitiligoon the skin mottled white spotsThis is a disease that has nothing to do with life. However, as a disease that affects interpersonal relationships and social life, patients psychological painThis is very big.

Vitiligo, which greatly reduces the happiness index of life, was previously terminal illnessI thought, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a cure. Several cureAs it develops, disease that can be curedchanged to

existing phototherapyalong with transplanting their own epidermis epidermal transplantIt is also having a great effect. Learn about the treatment of vitiligo based on strong dermatology data.


Vitiligo, also called white lead, is a loss of melanocytesIt is a disease that causes white spots on the skin. The exact cause of the disappearance of melanocytes is not known, but it is believed that it is due to abnormalities in the immune system. ‘Autoimmune disease theory’This is the most likely

There is a problem with the immune system of the skin. immune cellsnormal presence in the skin melanocytescast mistaken for abnormalIt is hypothesized to attack The onset period varies from newborn to old age. 10-30 years oldappears most often in

childhood vitiligosilver family historyis likely to be, Adult Vitiligo The patient is affected by a variety of triggers. Caused by a fall, injury or scratch physical damagecaused by ultraviolet Sunburn, pregnancy and childbirth, surgery, accidents, and other illnesses In addition to mental stressis also considered a factor.


this treatment of vitiligois spread all over the body ultraviolet light therapycan be done with Long exposure to UV rays can cause fatal damage to the skin, but in medical terms, UV rays can be used as a ‘medicine’.

the treatment method Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays of a specific wavelengthIn the skin by applying pigment cellswill stimulate Excimer laser treatment is performed if there is a small amount of vitiligo only in certain areas such as the forehead, hands, and feet.

excimer laser treatmentirradiates UV wavelengths only on the vitiligo area to stimulate melanocytes in the skin tissue. form pigmentway to do it facial vitiligoIn the case of a quick effect UV treatmentin parallel with epidermal transplantationcan also do

It is a method of removing the skin from the inside of the arm or leg and transplanting it to the vitiligo area. For vitiligo patients, sunscreen and continuous treatment are very important, but more importantly early treatmentAll. Vitiligo is Treatment within the first 6 monthsBecause the effect is very good, it is better to see a specialist immediately when white spots are found.

By Choi Seung-sik, staff reporter

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