Vizcarra: “I regret that the Constitutional Court has acted with its back to the country” nndc | PERU

Updated 11/19/2020 at 5:08 PM

The ex-president Martin Vizcarra He regretted “deeply” this Thursday that the Constitutional Court (TC) has declared inadmissible the jurisdictional claim filed by the Executive Branch before the Legislative Branch regarding the presidential vacancy.

Through his Twitter account, the former president considered that the body in charge of the magistrate Marianella Ledesma, acted “with his back to the country.”

I deeply regret that the TC has acted with his back to the country. Millions of Peruvians claiming in the streets, lives given to defend democracy and nothing happened for them What a disappointment!”Wrote the former head of state who was vacated last Monday, November 9.

This Thursday the plenary session of constitutional Court (TC) decided by majority to declare inadmissible the jurisdictional claim presented by the Executive Power regarding the presidential vacancy due to permanent “moral incapacity”.

Ledesma reported that the votes against were from justices Ernesto Blume, Augusto Ferrero Costa, Manuel Miranda and José Luis Sardón, while the votes in favor of declaring the lawsuit admissible were from Eloy Espinosa-Saldaña, Carlos Ramos and the head of the organ constitutional.


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